MySQL With DevOps 1 – Automate Database Archive

MySQL With DevOps 1 - Automate Database Archive

This is my next blog series. Im going to write about how I automated many complex tasks in MySQL with Rundeck. In my last series, I have explained RunDeck basics. You can find those articles here. In this blog Im writing about how I automated MySQL archive for multiple tables in one Rundeck job.

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Create Aurora Read Replica With AWS CLI/Lambda Python

Create Aurora Read Replica With AWS CLI-Lambda Python
Credit: rackspace

Today I was working for a scaleable solution in Aurora. Im going to publish that blog post soon in Searce Blog. As a part of this solution, I want to create Aurora read replicas programmatically. So we have done the create aurora read replica with AWS CLI and Lambda with Python. If you refer the AWS Doc, they mentioned there is no separate module for creating Aurora Read replica in boto3 or cli. Instead we can use create-db-instance. Many people may confused with this term. This blog will help them to create aurora read replicas using AWS CLI and Lambda.

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AWS DocumentDB – A NoSQL Equivalent For Aurora

AWS DocumentDB

As we all know that AWS announced the managed MongoDB services called as AWS DocumentDB. MongoDB is one of my favourite NoSQL Databases even for developers. Since Im working with MongoDB in AWS, its the very first step setting up the replica set and shards. It’ll take a couple of mins to configure. But setting up the monitoring and other stuffs like troubleshooting replication issue, resync the failed replica and fixing issues in sharding is a big headache for DBAs. I guess even AWS felt the pain 🙂

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Automation Script For Percona Xtrabackup FULL/Incremental

Automation Script For Percona Xtrabackup FULL/Incremental
Image Source: DigitalOcean

This is my first post in 2019, and Im starting with a MySQL solution. In MySQL world, implementing a better backup strategy to meet all of your requirement is still a challenging thing. The complexity depends on your RPO and RTO. Percona has many tools to help DBAs in many scenarios. Xtrabackup is one of the best backup tools to perform a better backup on TeraBytes size of databases. Also, another great feature is it supports Incremental and Differential backup.

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RunDeck Series 5 – Encrypt Key Files And Passwords In RunDeck

Encrypt Key Files And Passwords

While managing multi servers in a single place, we need a secure authentication method which includes SSH Keys, Passwords and etc. RunDeck is having a great feature called Key Storage. RunDeck Key Storage is a secure and encrypted place for storing confidential contents. Its using HashiCorp Vault for this. Its already enabled by default. So we just upload our keys and creating encrypted passwords.

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