Postgresql Insecure directory in ENV PATH – Unable To Start

Postgrsql Insecure directory in env path

Insecure directory in $ENV{PATH}

I was discussing with one of my friend who is a Developer, as he was working with PostgreSQL 9.5 in Ubuntu 16.04LTS from past few months. But suddenly he couldn’t able to start PostgreSQL service. He tried to reinstall PostgreSQL many times, but no luck. So he gave his laptop to me and asked to fix this issue.(Because of Im a DBA 🙂 ). The very first thing I started to look at the Postgresql logs. Unfortunately, nothing was there. So I checked the syslog file and found something wrong. It was showing the error in Postgrsql Insecure directory in env path.

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How To Change MySQL Default Data,Binlog,Error Log Directories

change mysql default data,binlog, error log directories

MySQL Change default directories

While reading this heading everybody things like, yeah its pretty old topic, we can get many articles by googling. But you know what sometimes well known things never work for us. This time it happened for me, my bad. I have done this many times. But most of us changed the default Data Directory only. Only a few of us thinking about change MySQL default data,binlog, error log directories.

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