Rundeck Series: Install And Configure RunDeck 3.0 On CentOS 7

Install And Configure RunDeck 3.0 On CentOS 7
Credit: RunDeck

Rundeck is one of my favorite Automation tools. Here we are going to see how can we install and configure rundek on a CentOS server with mysql as a backend. Even I like Jenkins, but as a SYSadmin, I like the Rundeck a lot.You may think like both can do automation. But as per my understanding is,

  • Jenkins – is for Development and CI/CD purpose.
  • Rundeck – Operation related automations
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Configure Bucardo replication on CentOS

configure bucardo replication centos

I was working with a migration process to migrate the Postgresql Database from Ec2(centos) to AWS RDS. Since I did many migrations to RDS but this is my first migration with Postgresql. The challenge was the source database in Postgresql 9.2 and I wanted to 9.6 on RDS. So decided to configure bucardo replication centos.

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