SSMS Hidden Feature: SHOWPLANTEXT_ALL with Results


First of all, I’m seeing this feature on SSMS 17, but later I found this feature came with SSMS 2016. So if you found this already then just ignore this.
In earlier versions of SSMS, If we want to get the SHOWPLAN in TEXT or Table format then we can use the SHOWPLAN_ALL query. But it would return only the plan of the query not for the result. But in SSMS 2016 or later we can see this show plan without add any additional query and also it’ll return the result of that query.

How can we get this?

Before executing the query you have to select the below options in SSMS.

  1. Include Actual Query Plan (Ctrl+M)
  2. Include Live Query Statistics.

On AdventureWorks database,

select count_big(*) from Production.TransactionHistory

We can see the results along with the query plan in the same window.


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