How to recover corrupted databases with Stellar Phoenix


Stellar Data Recovery is one of the fastest growing data recovery software company. They started with Deleted data recovery and now they reached the level to recover the SQL Server databases from any kinds of corruption. This documentation is a report of few test cases with Pros and Cons of Stellar Phoenix SQL Database software.

Testing Infra Details:

  1. Windows Server 2012.
  2. SQL Server 2014 SP2 Enterprise Evaluation Edition.
  3. 4 Core CPU.
  4. 4GB Memory.

Different Corrupted Databases for Testing:

corrupted databases with Stellar Phoenix_sysadmin
5 Different corrupted databases from

Before testing this software on a huge corrupted databases, I have tested on the demo databases which  are provides by Paul Randal from SQLskills.

If you want to see the check DB results, Please download the database backups from SQLskills and play with the checkDB.

Case 1: Fatal Corruption 1
A database with corrupted system table. (CheckDB can run).

Case 2: Fatal Corruption 2.
A database with corrupted system table. (CheckDB will terminate).

Case 3: Data Purity.
A database with a single purity error (Page 2570).

Case 4: NonCluster Index.
A database with a corrupted Non Cluster Index.

Case 5: Metadata.
A database with Metadata corruption.

Results and Report:


How this works:

  • Im not sure how they are internally checking the data corruption.
  • But once the scanning has been done, it’ll create a new database called your_corrupted_db_name_recovery with the same schema and
    Then it’ll do copy all the data from the corrupted database and restore it to the recovery database.

Step by step guide to recovery the database

Here is the step by step guide to recover the database from its official site


  • Easy installation and simple instruction to recover a database.
  • Any kinds of recoverable errors are possible to recover.Anyone can use this software without much DBA skills.
  • It’ll help for the sysadmins who didn’t have a DBA with them.
  • Software has an option to save the repaired database in Live database.
  • It will be helpful for selective database object repairing.


  • Its copying the whole data to a new database.
  • The corrupted database will be recovery pending more until the recovery complete.

Final Taught:

4.5 Stars Out of 5

This is help the sysadmins who don’t have a DBA with them.
corrupted databases with Stellar Phoenix_sysadmin

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