RunDeck Series 4 – Configure RunDeck SMTP With AWS SES

Configure RunDeck SMTP With AWS SES

For any automations notification system is very important. Rundeck provides multiple integrations for job notifications. But SMTP is main for many users. In this blog, we are going to configure RunDeck SMTP with AWS SES.

Tip: Configure Nginx ProxyPass For RunDeck


AWS SES is a managed SMTP service.

Go to your AWS Console –> SES.
SES available on three regions.

  • US East (N. Virginia)
  • US West (Oregon)
  • EU (Ireland)

You can select which is nearest to you or low cost.

Add Sender Email in SES:

In the SES console, Go to Email address and verify your sender email address. SES uses this email for sending emails.

Configure RunDeck SMTP With AWS SES

Create SMTP Credentials:

Go to SMTP Settings –> Create My SMTP Credentials.
Provide an user name for SES, then click create. I’ll generate an AccessKey and SecretKey.

  • Access Key – Username
  • Secret Key – Password
Configure RunDeck SMTP With AWS SES
Configure RunDeck SMTP With AWS SES2

SMTP Server Details:

In SMTP Settings you can get your SMTP server details.

Configure RunDeck SMTP With AWS SES


Im using Virginia, so please make sure your SMTP endpoint with your region
Configure RunDeck SMTP With AWS SES5

Add SMTP Details to RunDeck:

Add the below lines to file.

vi /etc/rundeck/

#SMTP Details
grails.mail.username=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX #your access key
grails.mail.password=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX #your secret key #your ses verified sender email

service rundeckd restart

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