RunDeck Series 5 – Encrypt Key Files And Passwords In RunDeck

Encrypt Key Files And Passwords

While managing multi servers in a single place, we need a secure authentication method which includes SSH Keys, Passwords and etc. RunDeck is having a great feature called Key Storage. RunDeck Key Storage is a secure and encrypted place for storing confidential contents. Its using HashiCorp Vault for this. Its already enabled by default. So we just upload our keys and creating encrypted passwords.

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RunDeck Series 3 – Configure Nginx ProxyPass For RunDeck

Configure ProxyPass For Rundeck

RunDeck’s web GUI always run on port 4440. If we want to make it run on 80 then we need to do a custom installation. Since that’ll be a long process and its not applicable for existing RunDeck servers. In this blog, we are configuring nginx proxypass for Rundeck to make RunDeck web access on port 80.

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RunDeck Series 2 – Add Nodes to the Rundeck

Add nodes to the Rundeck Server is very next step after installation. Here we are going to see adding Linux nodes to Rundeck. After Rudeck 3.0+ the resources.xml file will not create automatically. In previous versions, this file was automatically created while creating a project. We’ll node nodes details in this file. But in latest versions, it’s not creating automatically.

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